Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Busy, busy autumn time...

The stork is not the only one busy this fall.  I have so much to do, that once again this blog has been neglected, though not at all in comparison to previous years.  I will not complain, for busy means many wonderful fotoshoots with fabulous people that I love getting to know, as often the case has been lately, returning  customers I get to catch up with!  I am not sure why fall is always my busiest time of year, I love the spring and always yearn for a million fotoshoots of gorgeous children and mothers to be in the newly blooming flowers, but somehow that is not the way of things, at least at the moment.  No, fall is when my phone is ringing and my camera is snapping away.  This fall however was a very short one, as far as beautiful fall colored leaves go.  It was beautiful and then a hard frost, and the leaves all turned brown and fell from the trees.  But that did not stop us,  nope,  still out into the chill to capture amazing people at all the different stages of life.  Here is a pic from a recent shoot,  it was sooo cold and she was sooo gorgeous and did such a great job.  I had so much fun,  I cannot wait to meet her little girl!

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